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Don’t hire out-of-touch agencies who don’t know your customer!


Our integrated, full-service team is highly flexible. And we dazzle at creating compelling marketing content for every screen. Whatever you need—strategic planning, creative development, digital integration, live events, experiential instructional design, the secret to going viral online—we’ve got you covered. We excel at customer acquisition, customer retention, influencer marketing programs, online contests, and live events. With Quintessence, your team just got bigger


Marketing Consulting


Our marketing consulting services are focused on the B2SMB market. We help our clients build authentic relationships with small businesses. No one knows small businesses like we do. Our Founder, Melinda Emerson, “SmallBizLady,” is regarded as America’s #1 Small Business Expert, and her personal brand reaches one million entrepreneurs online weekly. We have published more than 5000 articles on our company blog at www.succeedasyourownboss.com. We love to partner with brands to train and uplift women and other underserved groups of small business owners.

We are master content developers. Unlike traditional advertising methods, content marketing allows brands to connect with their audience in a more authentic and relatable way. From messaging to podcasts and graphics and video series, we’ve got you covered.

Education and Training


Our education and training services are tailored for our clients. Our sweet spot is developing training materials to enhance small businesses. We develop comprehensive programs that empower small business owners and adult learners with cutting-edge strategies and business skills, equipping them to excel in today's dynamic business landscape. Through innovative curriculum design, interactive workshops, and personalized coaching, we ensure impactful learning experiences.


Our seasoned instructional designers, industry experts, coaches, and facilitators provide practical insights and real-world case studies, fostering actionable skill development. From organizational development to capacity building to digital marketing mastery to strategic branding techniques, we customize solutions to your organization's unique needs. We also have our own online school www.smallbizladyuniversity.com, where we offer instructor-led and self-paced courses.

Influencer Marketing Programs


Leveraging influencers can be a strategic and effective way for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies to reach the small business market. By tapping into the credibility, authenticity, and reach of influencers, organizations can increase visibility, engage with their target audience, and establish meaningful connections with small business owners, ultimately driving growth and success in this important market segment. We source teams of diverse and bilingual influencers to launch campaigns, giveaway contests, and generate brand awareness and drive sales.